More sexy with ultra low-cut dress


This November 19, 2015, the Lorde singer was present for the ceremony in Auckland Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. For the occasion, the starlet has shown absolutely sexy in a red maxi dress with plunging neckline terribly.

This November 19, 2015, Lorde was emerging at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards ceremony. For this prestigious occasion which took place in his hometown of Auckland, the singer of 19 years has more qu’apprêtée. Wearing a low-cut red dress, the young woman is unrecognizable and sexier than ever wants to receive his prize.

At only 19, Lorde is one of the artists whose career is booming. Adored for its timbre, its softness and accessible side, the young starlet is followed on social networks and appears at numerous prestigious events. With his unusual face and her very slim figure, one that raid all rewards has also become a fashion and beauty icon. Present at Fashion Week in looks that thoughtful, Lorde shows its style and looks that tend to be dark but full glamor.

Lorde, sexier than ever in her low-cut red dress terribly

For Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards ceremony, Lorde had put the package. As this event was taking place in his city of birth, Auckland, one that is associated with the MAC cosmetics brand was highly anticipated and is seen to be rewarded twice during the evening. Dressed in a slinky red dress and extremely low-cut, the singer is almost unrecognizable in this garment. Radiant at will, it seems fully adored wear such a piece and do not mind facing the photographers, to exalt his perfect enhancement chest. You must try this delicious Putu, traditional food from kerala


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